We specified trends 

     We are not following the market we are the lider company which specifies trends. We are designing producing poodle cap , dress, suit tunic , shirt, skirts, pants, blouses, vests, bags, and scarves. We are providing all the needs of a store on a high level 

 We are producing high quality products

 We are producing high quality products it is important to us  to use the  highest quality fabrics, accessories and equipments during the producing process. We are trying to improve the system by measuring customers satisfactions and by customezation customers demands and offers by using quality control system we are monitoring every step of production even staff and supervisors so we can provide best quality products with our experience we strengthening you. With our high qualitied products we are able to provide high income to the firm which we are trading.  

 We provide the delivery of our products in the safest and fastest way our 500 brunch are sharing our experience and data transparently with our customers in a high level of economic value. We are honest,transparent and consistent in all our relationships. 

  We have an advanced sales network

  Our sales points are working through  shop and corner systems around  the would. When we think together,there are 150 distinguished sales points in 22 countries in the  world and 350 points in 73 city in Turkey. We are increasing  the number of countries which we are trending on 4 Continents and 22 countries in the world. Endonezya, İraq, İran,Makedonya, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. We are one of the best known brands of Turkey and the Middle East 

  Be a Branch of Zühre

 If you have desire to be a bay and get high incomes with a global brand we invite you to be our to fill the form and we will contact you as soon as possible .

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